Super Bowl: Timberlake the meantime, no #6

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Super Bowl: Timberlake the meantime, no #6

Justin Timberlake during his show/REUTERS

It was last night in America again time for the biggest annual one-day sporting event: the Super Bowl. As so often, it was more about the giant halftimeshow and the most remarkable advertising. So much so that you almost would forget that sporttechnisch seen the the most important fact was, that Tom Brady is not his sixth Super Bowl and managed to win.


The halftimeshow was provided by Justin Timberlake, the man who is probably the most legendary Super Bowl performance will keep, although not necessarily with the music. In 2004, it was Timberlake with Janet Jackson is responsible for the nipplegate during the song Rock Your Body – the track where he is now, 14 years later again came to mind.

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Also this year, the singer – that Friday, his perfectly timed album, Man In The Woods, it was a legendary performance in mind. It was mainly a tribute to a legend: Prince.

Under pressure, he blew up the entire party, however. Timberlake wanted Prince namely to appear on a hologram, a concept that Prince during his life a few times very negative about out of left. Fans of the popicoon found it a very inappropriate plan, after which Timberlake decided to cancel. A new rel, there was no sense in it. The hologram was reduced to a gigantic projection of a Prince, while Timberlake is a piece of I Would Which 4 You sang.

Rap or Doritos

The commercials surrounding the Super Bowl are sold are the most expensive in the world. Not only cost airtime of 30 seconds to about five million dollars, the production is often huge. Not in the last place because one after the other big name is flown.

Sat down in the co-operation of Doritos and Mount Dew alone, Peter Dinklage, Busta Rhymes, Morgan Freeman and Missy Elliott.

Further, we saw Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsey and Cardi B at Amazon, David Schwimmer at Skittles, Steven Tyler at Kia and Danny de Vito at M&M.

Philadelphia Eagles

Ohja, sports was there also. Philadelphia Eagles was finally 41-33 too strong for New England Patriots. Thus there was no sixth title for American Football legend Tom Brady. The forty-year quarterback announced that he that the sixth title is still not out of his head; he pastes another year.

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