State of emergency declared in Maldives

eb8a990f2be3d7c93cd08f10f5f021d8 - State of emergency declared in Maldives

The government of the Maldives has the state of emergency for 15 days promulgated on the eilandenstaat in the Indian Ocean. Cause is the growing political tension in the country, it sounds Monday from government circles. The state of emergency allows the police and security forces to strengthen enforcement against the opposition.

The last day was in the capital Malé to riots between supporters of the opposition and the police. The reason for the riots is a judgment of the supreme court of the Maldives, that the release and rehabilitation of several members of the opposition, among others, of ex-president Mohamed Nasheed, provides. The government under president Abdullah Yameen refused so far to the judgment to convert.

‘We make us great concern that the refusal of the government to the judgment of the supreme court to convert, the increasing police brutality and the militarization of the country to unrest and violence across the country lead’, it sounds in a communication of the opposition.

The 37 signatories of the declaration called, among others, India, Sri Lanka, the USA, Great Britain, the EU and various international aid agencies for support. The unrest in the country also have implications for tourism in the holiday paradise. China already has a travel warning spread.

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