Sponsor Toto speaks RTL ’insipid performance’ of the Jibe

32fc1ae3dc7f42c0997f8e06d5440f0f - Sponsor Toto speaks RTL ’insipid performance’ of the Jibe

The Tote, one of the three sponsors of the program Football Inside, takes expressly distance of the ’joke’ that René van der Jibe, Johan Derksen and Wilfred Genee Friday in the program made about transgender people.

Van der Jibe verkleedde himself as a woman, and suggested that from now on life is going as Renate. Derksen stated, in turn, transgender people strange to find. They did their act on the occasion of the Belgian VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, which as of last week goes through life as a woman.

“We found the action of Van der Jibe downright distasteful and we take strongly away from all the hurtful jokes,” says a spokesperson of the Toto Monday. “We understand also not what this to do with football. We are a sponsor of the program because it is about sport. This is also the communication that we at RTL have transferred today.”

Position transfer

Toto insists is not about the content of the program. “But we can be our position to transfer. And there we saw now reason for. We assume that RTL, this also conveys to the creators of the program.” RTL has said the ’joke’ going to discuss with the three men. Derksen let all of know nothing of his words to take back.

The other two sponsors, Heineken and Gillette, were Monday, as yet, not for comments to reach. The display created a lot of negative reactions, including from social organisations and political parties.

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