Simone Kleinsma have to get used to silence at home

cf1368cea02d9fd43fbe8114276ee3f6 - Simone Kleinsma have to get used to silence at home

Simone Kleinsma still need to get used to the silence in the house that there is cases after her husband Guus Verstraete last year march died. “I let the radio more often turned on in the house, it is very to get used to the silence, after 31 years with Guus,” she said Sunday night at presenter Twan Huys in the Dutch television program College Tour.

Kleinsma also told me that they prefer smaller-scale farewell had been able to take of her man, but that that was not possible. “Guus was to so many loved, we had them also the opportunity to give him a farewell.”

The actress is celebrating currently triumphs with her starring role in the musical Was drawn Annie M. G Schmidt. For the role of the writer, she won last week in a Musical Award. “The work keeps me this period, for a large part on the leg. The role of Annie M. G. is a joy to play.”

On a question from the audience announced they have the ambition to have a solo-program the shelves to go. “My heart is in the theatre, there began the and there will it end,” she said

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