Shania Gooris in Baba Yega movie

b4ba1c8bc142b0b79dfd10f538294244 - Shania Gooris in Baba Yega movie

Shania Gooris, the 17-year-old daughter of Sam Gooris and Kelly Pfaff, a roll received in the Baba Yega movie. That made them self known with a photo on Instagram. Shania, who last week with her family participated in Greetings From… on tv, the recording is already behind the back. Baba Yega is the masked dance at the end of 2016 the program Belgiums Got Talent won. In march there will be their first film. Barbara Sarafian, Sam Louwyck, Stefaan Degand and Joke Devynck play there also.

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