Senators U.S. wants ’dreamers’ to protect against expulsion

6f45bba8fa7306f27a497d1382416642 - Senators U.S. wants ’dreamers’ to protect against expulsion

WASHINGTON – Two U.s. senators, Republican John McCain and Democrat Chris Coons, have Monday, a compromise was presented that the so-called ’dreamers’ need to protect against removal.

It comes to about 700,000 immigrants who as a young child illegally to the U.S. came and now perfectly established. Part of the plan is also a better security of the U.s. southern border.

President Donald Trump wants to dreamers only respond if he gets money for the construction of a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. An earlier bill from Dick Durbin (D) and Lindsey Graham (R) was last month rejected by the White House. Also, this new proposal does not seem much chance.

Durbin would be able to live because it is more nuanced than the defined version that Trump launched in January. There were the Democrats and principled Republicans against. The plan McCain-Coons is not a thorough overhaul of our immigration system and does not budget for the wall, but offers dreamers a future in the U.S. and also improves control of the border by methods other than the erection of concrete and fences only.

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