RTL late transgendergrap aware online

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RTL shows the clip from the broadcast of Football Inside which the Flemish journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck being made to look stupid on the website and in the app, so reports a spokesman said Monday.

The station reported Sunday that the three analysts to be reminded of the ’joke’. René van der Jibe appeared with a wig and asked to henceforth as ’Renate’, and to live. Johan Derksen declared thereon transgenders are weird to find. RTL considers that “the men all get room for their opinions, but that does not mean that everything into a joke.”

On social media-RTL-Sunday, hypocrisy blamed for that, because the conscious fragment gisren still explicitly in the RTL app is featured under the heading ’This you need to see today’, and on social media is shared. 3FM dj Domien Verschuuren accused the station schijncorrectheid’. “People can the clip still be found,” says the spokesman. “In this way, the viewers can also itself a picture and form an opinion about the broadcast.” Incidentally, got Verschuuren little support from his followers for his tweet, that is the joke under ’satire’ scissors, that according to them should be able to.

Johan Derksen reported Sunday still behind the joke.

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