RTL is just going to continue with Football Inside

11520334dccceebe4a48f8d2e76ed27d - RTL is just going to continue with Football Inside

The program Football Inside remains, despite fierce criticism simply appear on television. RTL is the ‘joke’ that René van der Jibe, Johan Derksen and Wilfred Genee Friday in the program made about transgenders “inappropriate” but found nonetheless that the show is a seat at the transmitter.

“The program provides a stage for the strong, personal opinions about soccer, sport and also become the talk of the day. That space get Wilfred Genee, Johan Derksen and René van der Jibe of RTL, but that does not mean that we always agree have to be and it is certainly not a license to individuals and/or groups to ridicule”, is a statement of RTL, which in conversation wants to be with the trio.

“We see that the opinions about the broadcast are divided. And that is also the beauty in the Netherlands, that, with respect for the other person passionately believes can and should differ. The criticism that the conversations at the table at this time does not always contribute to a constructive discussion, share RTL. That is a reason to the discussion with Wilfred, René and Johan.”


RTL calls freedom of speech is important and also that a place should have on the Dutch television. “Despite the fact that the jokes and opinions in VI sometimes unsubtle and controversial, we find that the programme a place in RTL. Together with the creators, it is the task of the RTL to the border between the free word and to be respectful with others to monitor.”

Van der Jibe verkleedde is Friday, as a woman, and proposed henceforth to live as ’Renate’. Derksen stated, in turn, transgender people strange to find. They did their act on the occasion of the Belgian VTM-journalist Bo boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, which as of last week goes through life as a woman. The display created a lot of negative reactions, including from social organisations and political parties.

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