Rick Brandsteder: ’Humberto Tan is often to laugh, it is a ‘ trick’

2982b7c548728abe146de83bfb0fa554 - Rick Brandsteder: ’Humberto Tan is often to laugh, it is a ' trick’

Not only under televisiekijkend the Netherlands Eva is home cooked apple pie is more popular than Humberto Tan, presenter Rick Brandsteder, appears to give preference to the KRO-NCRV-tv presenter. In conversation with Metro, let him know his RTL colleague “to laugh”.

The Temptation Island presenter is asked to choose between between both talkshowhosts, then he answers: “Then I will go for Eva home cooked apple pie. She is just very high quality, very to the point and ad rem. Humberto is also really an expert, I do however find it a little too giggly or so. Or, to laugh, just so happy. I think it’s a bit of a trick and I find Eva, what is far more focused.” Still want the son of tv celebrity Ron Brandsteder a small nuance changes. “Of course it is not really an easy comparison, because it is more journalism what home cooked apple pie brings in comparison with Late Night of Humberto.”

In the interview, is also his relationship with Rose, the daughter of presenter and actor Bert Kuizenga, was raised. Rick emphasizes overjoyed that he has his single life now left behind. “I would rather be in a relationship, yes. And that I notice now. I am now three months together with my girlfriend and we know each other slightly longer than half a year. And it’s just much more fun to your passions with someone to share and work together. And especially if you know that it sits well with each other. I am also very long a single, which I have aangeklooid – what is also very nice – but if you can choose, is ten times better. I can recommend it to everyone.”

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