Pope hands over Erdogan’s peace symbol

c6868ac39c89bb3f6004f38814f7e45e - Pope hands over Erdogan's peace symbol

Pope Francis has Monday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Vatican received. He gave the Turkish president a medallion with an angel which the demon of war strangles’.

The Argentine church leader is not his disgust for warfare and weapons of mass destruction to speak. Monday, he received Erdogan in the company of his wife and four ministers, and that at a time when Ankara and in Syria, Kurds bombards. The company was a fifty minutes together.

Francis will probably not be left with the Turkish head of state to talk about the Turkish offensive against units of the Kurdish Volksbeschermingseenheden (YPG), that on 20 January in the north of Syria was launched. Ankara considers the YPG as a ‘terrorist’, Washington as an ally against terrorist organisation Islamic State.

In the capital Rome to protest against the visit of Erdogan ultimately in riots resulted. There are two protesters arrested.

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