Pommeline and Merijn from Temptation Island to share punishment news

35a46b6fd1bb1f019b051ad8a966ee25 - Pommeline and Merijn from Temptation Island to share punishment news

Monday afternoon, there appeared a striking message on the Instagrampagina of Pommeline Tillière. The contestants on Temptation Island 2017 and her boyfriend Jonathan are no longer a couple. The two were a good year together and got to know each other during Temptation Island. He was a candidate, she was one of the verleidsters. After the break-up with his former girlfriend Lisa gets Merijn so again, a marital breakdown process.

“Dear followers! 2017 was a super nice year, in which Merijn and I have a lot of fun things have lived and moments shared that I will never forget, Unfortunately, comes at all the pretty things to an end. Despite the fact that we are very, very much love each other, we have a point put behind our relationship. There are the last weeks many things happened which we are not in the details. I was as the way home is lost, and must be a number of things for myself to figure out the upcoming time. I’ve really had a fantastic time with him and he will miss very much. Making mistakes is human, but very painful and a bad thing.. We know that you have lot of questions or opinions will have, like we ask for your understanding and respect for the way how we deal with this. This message is in consultation.”, klintk it.

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