Political crisis escalates in Maldives

c197bde412f2d799cdff2cdc8c870fe7 - Political crisis escalates in Maldives

MALÉ – the Maldives is the state of emergency was declared during an escalating power struggle between the government of president Yameen Abdul Gayoom and opposition. The government in the capital city of Male has the order of the high court to a series of opposition leaders are free to ignore. Monday is a emergency of fifteen days is proclaimed.

Attorney general Mohamed Anil accused the judges of it to a coup d’état to work and the president to want to convert. Security forces work not warned Anil.

Last week there were clashes between police and supporters of the opposition. The main rival of the president is Mohamed Nasheed, who was imprisoned, but in 2016 as a patient to England if there a political asylum granted. Nasheed is currently in Sri Lanka, nearly 800 km north-east of Malé. He has the troops summoned to defend the constitution. Local media reported that the chief judges have barricaded in their courthouse.

Political prisoners

The judges have determined that the convicted opposition leaders and political prisoners. In addition, the magistrates, the twelve parliamentarians who from their position were taken, formally installed back. They were of the party of Yameen (Progressive Party of the Maldives), but ran into opposition, and are then sent away. If they return in the parliament loses Yameen there the majority.

The Maldives comprise almost 1,200 coral islands southwest of India, spread over 90,000 square kilometers of ocean. Many of these islands are luxury holiday resorts. The total land area of this republic of almost 400,000 inhabitants, it is only 300 square kilometres.

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