Pentagon wants a lot of F-35 jets strike

776261e3bec4c117bff3e9cdeb0a45da - Pentagon wants a lot of F-35 jets strike

WASHINGTON – The U.s. department of Defense will of Congress more than $ 10 billion in the coming fiscal year (from October 1) 77 fighter aircraft of the type F-35 to buy. The unit is also known as Joint Strike Fighter.

If the Congress about the bridge, is the that year, the most expensive purchase of the Pentagon, which was 10.7 billion dollars, or converted to 8,6 billion euro wants to spend on the aircraft of the company Lockheed Martin.

According to the planning coming from 2019 also 37 of those F-35’s to the Netherlands. They are successors of the fighter F-16 of the now by Lockheed Martin acquired vliegtuigmaker of the company General Dynamics. The F-16 has been around since 1979 in use. The by the costs and problems controversial F-35 is still not ready. The aircraft must be in the course of this year ’about his development phase around’.

The next budget of the Pentagon goes out of converted more than 480 billion euro. That is part of more than 575 billion euros that the government of president Trump than for the safety of the USA want to spend.

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