Pamela Anderson writes a provocative book

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The former Baywatch-star Pamela Anderson hates modern feminism. In such a way that she is busy with a book on the subject. And that is a hot issue, she reveals to the Daily Mail.

The title of the book, Saving Women From Feminism gives her mission to empower women to rescue feminism. “A number of women still loves it to be sexy, they still want men to make the first move correctly, and that gives us strength. We want no victims, and we want men not to the enemy,” she tells in an extensive interview with the newspaper. What its especially irritating in the current discussion about feminism, is the element of ’victimization’. “I hate that, it’s derogatory.”


Pamela Anderson doesn’t like being a victim and makes young girls also aware of their own responsibility. “Awareness as a young girl with a lot of liquor at that home, then you will be very vulnerable”, warns the star young girls in a campaign against app-taxi services like Uber. “I give the girls who are victims of these services are not the debt, but I want them to have something better to think.”

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Also with datingapps the 50-year-old Playboy star not much. “The best sex is in a relationship with commitment, which you a person’s nuances and sensuality know. You have to be brave enough for intimacy.” The star, who today also is seen as an assistant to the illustionist, Hans Klok, let the Daily Mail know that intimacy in spite of her struggle with her menopause still happy and full with her current boyfriend, the 32-year-old French defender Adil Rami to experience. “He does not speak good English and I do not speak French well, but we have the body language, the language of love, a communication level that is deeper than words.”

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