Owners and dog are constantly lost

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London – When the owners of dog Marley came home with a new thick pile Ikea rug, they came to the conclusion that she is a big mistake they had made. The animal is the exact same color as the dress.

The 21-year-old Harley, and the 23-year-old Matthew from England were in need of a new style in the living room. The rug from Ikea would be the living room, ’complete’, but when they came back home, with the addition, they were less happy.

The coat of the Dog Marley matches exactly with the color and texture of the new carpet. Harley and Matthew are already several times about the dog stumbled. “There have been times that we are quietly watching tv and we suddenly in a panic wondered where Marley was, while he was quiet for us on the rug.” Tells the set in English media.

The owners have now made the design of their living room changed, so that they are no longer about the garment, without needing to walk. Dog Marlyn’ll find it all not such a big problem and is a hit on social media.

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