Opponents of president to the streets in Kiev

21ac47d96fef67c1c3dffbc2daba8dd0 - Opponents of president to the streets in Kiev

KIEV – In the Ukrainian capital Kiev Sunday, thousands of people take to the streets went to the resignation of president Petro Porosjenko. The leader of the protests, according to Ukrainian media, the Georgian ex-president Mikhail Saakasjvili. For February 18, nationwide demonstrations was declared.

The stateless Saakasjvili, married with the Dutch Sandra Roelofs, Georgia, was sentenced to a prison sentence of three years. During his reign, in 2004 to 2013 he has his power been abused, the court ruled. Ukrainian authorities have yet to decide whether he is extradited.

In the Ukraine, Saakasjvili accused of involvement in a criminal organisation. The politician was arrested earlier, but now runs free again around because a judge refused him under house arrest.

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