Of of the Jibe: “We are completely blown in this country’

c152985d88b97cc61ee70cc86b3189f4 - Of of the Jibe: "We are completely blown in this country’

After the weekend’s shocked response to the broadcasting of Football Inside of Friday night on the occurrence of ’Renate’ van der Jibe, respond voetbalanalisten René van der Jibe and Johan Derksen on Monday night all the commotion.

“On Friday even, what happened with that wig, you know..”, says René, his story. He explains that he mails received from the board and asked him to announce that he has nothing against gays or transgender people. “The most annoying tv people is that they say, but all of them have the idea that the viewer is retarded it is. That there are 700,000 people at all kierewiet. There is me from RTL asked to say that I have nothing against gays. I have indeed nothing against gays. There is asked me to say that I have nothing against transgender people have. I have indeed nothing against transgender people. It would me a care!” says the 56-year-old voetbalanalist.

René continues: “I think a lot of viewers that dondersgoed know. That are not utter idiot. But I can create them now, by the to explain. I mean there is nothing of that.”

On the question of whether he startled from all the commotion, he responds: “We are absolutely rampant in this country, we are completely lost. Absolutely.” Then he says sarcastically: “I still have three months of a contract, eh. We are cutting down there still. What do I need with that crap for the whole weekend, rot good.”

Also Johan Derksen wants to lose what on the issue. “The netherlands is becoming more acidic. They suffer from selective outrage.” This grabs Wilfred: “We lure it out, Johan. We don’t have to cry, we are very vocal.” Derksen reminds the presenter of his mouth. “As long as I sit here I pull me nothing of selective outrage or zenderbaasjes. I do not come all the way from the province of Drenthe here to get around the hot mush to go to run or with two mouths to speak. Or they remove me from the tube, or they let me make my own way.” Later, he adds, there is still a ’man with a suit’ his blessing.

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