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New Standard-gain Koutroubis know for sure: “we will place for PO 1”

7c80797ea968d0e8ba27d3bc11716156 - New Standard-gain Koutroubis know for sure: “we will place for PO 1”

Georgios Koutroubis in the coming months the defence of Standard emergency help. “I am firmly convinced that the Standard for Play-off 1 will,” said the 26-year-old Greek Monday during his show at Sclessin.

“I wanted Greece to leave, and was ready for a new challenge,” said the defender. “I feel that I with to Liege to come have made the right decision. Given the quality Standard in its ranks, I don’t think that we are on the ninth place belong. We will post to PO 1.”

Koutroubis has played in the autumn of 2016 with Panathinaikos twice against Standard in Europa League. At Sclessin was 2-2 in Greece won the Rouches with 0-3. “I especially remember the atmosphere in Liege,” said Koutroubis. “I know very well that I am hearty duels had to fight with Orlando Sa, who are in grades since then have confirmed. When I heard that Standard interest in my seen, I found it immediately a good opportunity. The Belgian football more intense than in Greece, fits better to me.”

“I have a month not played, but feel physically ready”, he continued to the Greek. “My preference is for a system with two central defenders, but three is also fine. I can also as a defensive midfielder from the feet if necessary.”

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