Mid-may there be no water from the faucet in Cape town

a6de773c3916e0999d2225a77d69773b - Mid-may there be no water from the faucet in Cape town

CAPE town – The dreaded ‘Day Zero’ where there will be no more water from the tap in the South African city of Cape town, is not already in april. Deputy mayor Ian Neilson has the residents Monday, a little reassured by saying that he expects that the water is only mid-may runs out.

The cause of the delay of the calamity is a decrease of the water consumption in the agriculture in the region. Neilson stressed according to South African media that it is not to the residents of Cape town is, because that is still too much water consume. He reminded us that the ration is now up to 50 litres of water per person per day. In the Netherlands is about 120 litres of water per person per day consumed.

Cape town has approximately 4.5 million inhabitants and millions of tourists. The reservoirs that the city of water with his drought-even for only a third filled. If the drought persists, it seems to be in the city on may 11, the dramatic ‘Day Zero’ to break. There is no tap water more and the residents have to go two hundred points of distribution where the police and military minimumrantsoenen water distribution.

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