Lana del Rey is not the only victim of obsession

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Lana del Rey is not the only victim of obsession

Lana del Rey. / Photos: ANP

The incident with Lana del Rey proves yet again that the life of an artist, not just roses. A man had, as it turned out the past few days, plans to Lana del Rey to be kidnapped, but was in time stopped. The singer is not the only one with a crazy stalker, Metro put a known number of victims in a row.

Lennon: murdered

The most well-known gruwelverhaal about a blown fan, of course, is the murder of John Lennon in 1980. Mark David Chapman was always a big fan of the former Beatle, and his admiration went so far that he, like Lennon married an American-Japanese woman. Chapman already had mental problems and when his condition worsened, he took a dislike to John Lennon. On december 8, 1980 when Chapman and Lennon a short meeting in the evening where there hands were shaken. An hour later, shot Chapman four bullets through his body. After the murder remained in Chapman at the crime scene to take a booklet to read. Chapman is still in prison.

John Lennon.

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Two victims

Halle Berry and Madonna have the same stalker. It started with a big love for Madonna. He threatened her throat cut if she is not his wife wanted to be. He was recorded in a psychiatric hospital from which he later escaped, and then Halle Berry would want to kill. A few years ago he came back into the news when a storage space of him was emptied and there are a large number of lurid stuff came out like a headless doll, a notebook with terrible lyrics, lots of knives and a barbierugzakje. The stalker is again recorded in the same psychiatric hospital.


Carice: very lewd texts

But also our lovely CELEBRITIES are often enough harassed. Gerard Joling, Linda de Mol, and so on. Dutch actress Carice van Houten had a stalker that made her no less than eight hundred mails sent very lewd texts. In addition, he sought her at home, threw stuff in her mailbox, and he asked the banns published. The man was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Dutch actress Carice van Houten.

The friend of

Recently, it was Taylor Swift also harassed by an extreme fan who zwoor that Taylor is his girlfriend was. The singer Dotan had a similar stalker who eventually committed suicide, and in the days previous to family and friends telling that they have a relationship with Dotan. Obsessions are more quickly developed for well-known people, because they’re using the media can easily follow and in that way a band can develop which actually does not really exist.


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