Kenya drives protest against closure of tv explain

fe64d205774f3d729cb2088c295a1799 - Kenya drives protest against closure of tv explain

NAIROBI – Kenyan police Monday tear gas used to a crowd of protesters to disperse who demanded that three of the closed tv channels in the air. The government put the tv channels last week on black because of their coverage of the opposition.

The activists were trying to visit government offices in central Nairobi to march, when the police used tear gas to fly, said a witness. The government ignored Thursday a court ruling that the weather stations are allowed to broadcast. They were closed when they tried live view of the symbolic presidential inauguration of opposition leader Raila Odinga to send out.

Odinga claims that he, and not president Uhuru Kenyatta, the real winner of the presidential election in August was held, but later by the supreme court on procedural grounds was destroyed. Kenyatta won the elections in August and the re-election in October, after Odinga had boycotted.

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