Jessica Chastain calls out Quentin Tarantino on the opening of business on Uma Thurman

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The actress told that he bespuugde and tried to strangle.

Jessica Chastain has Quentin Tarantino called to account after the actress Uma Thurman revealed that the director its under pressure would have to put in 2003 a unsafe car to drive on the set of Kill Bill.

In an interview with the New York Times explained the 47-year-old from how she was pushed to a dangerous stunt to perform on a set in Mexico. After a crew member was informed that the shift lever is not properly worked, was Thurman of plan the stunt not to do so, but Tarantino wanted none of know.

“Quentin came in my trailer and did not like to no to hear, such as any director,” she explained. “I was scared, and he was furious. He stopped at high and at low vol that the car was in order and that there was nothing dangerous the stunt was.” According to the actress, that was a lie. The road turned out to be a dirt road and the car called them “a lijkenkist on wheels”.

Uma said that the stunt went wrong and she eventually had to go to the hospital for a concussion. The whole scene has permanently damaged knees as a result. The video of the accident, after fifteen years of released.

Chastain accuses the filmmaker now that he and Uma had been compromised. She calls him to account because of other allegations of Uma to his address. So he would have her spitting. Also he did a wurgscene with its almost wrong to be discussed.

“I continue to imagine that Tarantino, in Uma’s face, spits out, and her with a chain and strangles for KILL BILL,” writes Chastain on Twitter. “When was this ‘entertainment’?”

“When violence against women is used as a storyline to the characters to make it stronger, we have a problem,” she continues. “Directors who themselves are violent stunts to do, a boundary about”, she adds. “How can an actor feel safe when you director your strangles?”

Tarantino has yet to comment on the statements of Uma.

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