Jacques, Julie and Maxime Vermeire back to the Golden Sixties

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But less than 1,024,000 at viewers – good for 43,6% market share (VVA 18-54, live+5) – returned last week with the family Gooris back to the eighties. Greetings From put thus the success of last season. On Tuesday 6 February the eighties exchanged for the Golden Sixties, with colorful dresses, tight suits, short pant legs and upswept hairstyles. Jacques Vermeire returns along with his daughter, Julie (19) and son Maxime (18) back to 1963, the year in which he was 12 years old. The television sent out in black and white and of a online world was not there. So it’s time for real quality time. Though Maxime is still one burning question for his departure: “Were there when all sockets?”.

With a knalgroene Renault Dauphine come, Jacques, Julie and Maxime to in the house in which the length of time since 1963 is at a stand-still. Here they will be together in the sixties to relive it. For three days, they eat, they sleep, dress and entertain them, as Jacques 55 years ago. The outfits of when fall is already in the taste. “I look like one of my characters,” laughs Jacques.

Julie and Maxime are immersed in the Beatlemania and sing along to hits by Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash. Also the assassination of president Kennedy, the historic speech of Martin Luther King and the most severe winter in 130 years, dominated the news. Watching television in the sixties cumbersome because the antenna first must be manually adjusted. Still watching Jacques eagerly awaiting the programs of his youth. Which have stood the test of time? During Bonanza, everyone is cautiously excited, but especially Jacques idol, Toon Hermans brings the family to laughter. Also Skipper Next to Matilda, and Penelope with Paula Shemer pass the revue.

In 1963 the youth on Saturday, first time to school, but afterwards, there is a sea of time. Fill the Vermeires with wiezen. “Dad wanted us all to explain, but we never had the time or the inclination. Now is the ideal time”, sounds. A man in the kitchen was in the 60’s unseen, but still stirs Jacques afterwards itself in the cooking pots for the visit that he receives. The sweat breaks him, however: “This is really stressful, there will be people and we need raw roast, to eat like the Flintstones”. Sociability, there is fortunately no lack. Around the campfire performs Jacques sketch’avoir’ again, as he that is 55 years ago already did. Everything Was then better? And what have the Vermeires missed?

Greetings From, Tuesday at 20.35 on VTM.

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