Israel recommends departure of thousands of illegal migrants

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The Israeli authorities Sunday began with the handing out letters to thousands of African migrants who do not legally reside in the country. They receive the order by the end of march to leave. Don’t they do that, they will be locked up until they want to leave.

The migrants are almost all from Sudan and Eritrea. In exchange for their ‘voluntary’ departure, they get $ 3.500 $ (2.800 euro) and a plane ticket. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not clarified which country the people involved can leave. Israel acknowledges implicitly that migrants are not to Sudan or Eritrea can be sent back without their lives in danger. Aid agencies call Uganda and Rwanda as alternative destinations.

Netanyahu announced in early January that for 38,000 irregular migrants have to leave. Currently, only letters are divided among single men. The ministry of Home Affairs assured that minors, women, and parents of minors not under the plan of the government. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz are victims of human trafficking and slavery also exempt. In the short term would be between 15,000 and 20,000 people have to leave.

Most of the targeted migrants are in Israel and, from 2007, invaded via the Egyptian Sinai. The influx is stopped after the construction by Israel of a closure along the Egyptian border.

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