Is Corsica the Catalonia of France?

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The Corsican nationalists demanding more autonomy, some dreams even of independence. With his journey to the Ile de Beauté wants the French president to the file ” for the explosive.

“Democracy and respect for the population of Corsica!’ Under that slogan, argued Saturday in Ajaccio, a few thousand Corsicanen – over 20,000 according to the organisers, the 5,000 according to the police. The nationalists …

“Democracy and respect for the population of Corsica!’ Under that slogan, argued Saturday in Ajaccio, a few thousand Corsicanen – over 20,000 according to the organisers, the 5,000 according to the police. The nationalists were satisfied with this signal, which is very specifically focused to Emmanuel Macron. Because the French president draws from tomorrow, two days to the island of 330,000 inhabitants to visit.

Macron will be there on the first day Claude Erignac honor, the prefect, who exactly 20 years ago, was killed by armed separatists. But in Corsica they look especially forward to his future vision for the island that he in a speech in Bastia would reveal.

The nationalist leaders won on december 10, convincing the local elections in Corsica. On 22 and 23 January they went with a set of demands to Paris, where they premier Edouard Philippe and the leaders of the Assembly and the Senate met. Afterwards they responded disappointed: “Our conviction is clear: the government denies the political dimension of the Corsican question, to acknowledge and to take into account.’ Therefore, they called on to the ‘volksbetoging’ last weekend.

‘Political prisoners’

The political desires that Gilles Simeoni as chairman of the executive board and Jean-Guy Talamoni as chairman of the parliament, cherish, are nothing to French standards. They want a specific mention of Corsica in the constitution and together with the Paris statute of autonomy arrangements for Corsica, which, at the laws of his own might adopt. More tax powers is also at the top of the list. The Corsican, French is an official language. ‘Political prisoners’ – Corsicanen who have been convicted of (lethal) violence in the struggle for independence – need to be released, now that the armed struggle since 2014 is discontinued. And to the pressure on the living and housing to reduce the sale of houses and land be reserved for those who have more than five years living on the island.

Puigdemont of Corsica

Independence is not an issue. Not yet. While Simeoni a ‘autonomist’, Talamoni for independence – he supports Catalan independence, and not just the Puigdemont of Corsica’. “We have an agreement for ten years with our partners that are fighting for autonomy,” he said after the victory. ‘The next ten years there will be no procedure for independence.” But that may be the next step, ” within ten or fifteen years’.

That is sufficient for the alarm bells do go off in France, where the constitution, in article 1 stipulates that the republic is indivisible and only the ‘French people’ acknowledges.

The first reactions to the Corsican set of demands were also negative in Paris. Minister Jacqueline Gourault let all know that the taaleis excluded. According to Simeoni said premier Philippe on the question of the statute of autonomy for Corsica that he does not know what that wants to say’. The president of the Senate recalled him and Talamoni in mind that the republic was one and indivisible. Political prisoners? ‘There are not. We are a democracy’, wrote Le Figaro. Priority for Corsicanen in the purchase of homes goes against the principle of equality of the constitution.

Dialogue without taboos

The nationalists have from those negative comments, the conclusion is drawn that only the Macron itself, the state can unblock. “We do not want a political crisis. Therefore, we look forward to the visit of the president, ” said Simeoni.

The French government is in anyway going to the constitution to be reviewed, in particular to the number of members of parliament to drastically reduce. Can there something be done for Corsica? Macron suggested that the constitution would be able to register that governments would be able to evade legislation who have their powers touch – Corsica enjoy all powers in areas such as environment, sports, tourism, education, transport… But that does not go far enough for the nationalists. The six elected in the Corsican parliament of La Republique and le Marche call their president in a dialogue, without taboos’.

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