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Henry Schut about the winter Olympics

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Henry Schut is already in Pyeongchang to the atmosphere for the Olympic Games trials. ‘So nice to do’.

It is the countdown had started. About four days in the South Korean Pyeongchang the 23rd Olympic Winter games will start. Henry Schut looks in this Olympic news ahead. “We do this on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday immediately after the News. These transmissions are actually a kind of lekkermakertjes”, says the presenter. “We show for example where all the venues are. So I want to know where the snowboarders their thing to do, and how the skeletonbaan looks like. We also go training view and show how far we are with the construction of the studio.”

Fourth Olympic Games

For Henry Schut are the already the fourth Olympics he on the spot experience. “I think the Olympic Games the most beautiful thing you can experience as a sports journalist.” Henry praised especially the charm of it. “In terms of size of event is a european CHAMPIONSHIP or world cup football the same. But the broadcast is a whole other experience. In such a european or world cup football, the protagonists, maybe three questions after a match. Now you have them just the same evening and join you on the couch.”

Not live

Studio sportwinter is this time not live, which has everything to do with the time difference. It is in Pyeonchang eight hours later than in the Netherlands. That means that it’s there at the time of this broadcast, deep in the night. No athlete slides on a talk show. For Henry Schut is a moment to get used to. “That feeling of livetelevisie create is unsurpassed. That you can’t access with a recorded program. We have also said to each other: “It is late in the evening when we record. We simply act as if it’s live.’ I hope that the viewer will not make a difference.”

Olympic journal, Monday – 20.25 • NPO 1

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