Hackverdachte not yet extradited to US

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LONDON – The British government allowed an alleged hacker not deliver to the United States. That decided in a British court, after a lower court in 2016 had ruled that Lauri Love transferred could be to the Americans.

Love, Asperger’s syndrome, is accused of involvement in the hacking of American administrations in 2012 and 2013. He would for millions of dollars in damage caused. The American authorities think that Love has ties with hackerscollectief Anonymous.

The lawyers of Love argued that he is because of the new legislation for a British judge would be able to appear. They warned for an increased risk of suicide if he’s in an American cell would end up. The court went according to The Guardian in those arguments.

Supporters of the men cheered when the court a line pulled by the extradition. They got a tap on the fingers of the highest court. “Silence. This is not a theatre”, he ordered the public according to The Telegraph. Demonstrators outside the court carried signs with texts such as “home for court” and “let Love be free.”

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