Guess founder Marciano responds to accusation Kate Upton

1a7cc6afac916c88e12e5de56329aa7d - Guess founder Marciano responds to accusation Kate Upton

Co-founder of Guess Jeans, Paul Marciano has today for the first time responded to the accusation of abuse by Kate Upton. That reports TMZ.

Marciano says in a statement: “Ms. Upton provided no details. Place them in this malicious and false accusations just a few hours for a gala event at our headquarters in Los Angeles for the unveiling of a new campaign. I have been told that it has been a while with others, is to get my name through the mud to pick up, and that she was going to claim that I felt would have, among other things.”

According to Marciano, the accusation, also false. “I have Kate Upton never touched. I’ve never been alone with Kate Upton. I’ve never inappropriate to behave towards her.”

TMZ spoke to a source from Guess who knew to report that Kate Upton itself is supposed to be invited to the event that for weeks they had planned. The sources tell that Marciano suspect that Upton her arrows on him, because the company is the collaboration with Upton discontinued after a disastrous photo shoot. It is Jennifer Lopez who is in the voorjaarscampagne of the brand shines and as a result, on the day of the allegations in a difficult position was maneuvered when they are Paul Marciano greeted.

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