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Getting started with the picture-in-picture function on the new Android

3d44ace0bdc8a24035c1650c85769fed - Getting started with the picture-in-picture function on the new Android

The Picture-in-Picture function, which you may already know from your tv is now also available on the smartphone, as a new feature in Android 8.0 Oreo. We lay out what you kind of things it can do.

Do you have a smartphone with the brand new Android 8.0, then you will enjoy the PiP function may first need to activate it. To do this, proceed successively to Settings, Apps & notifications, Advanced, Special access , and select picture-in-Picture. On our sample unit, a Huawei Mate 10 Pro, was the feature even deeper tucked away and we had to (after Apps & Notifications) are still taking a detour via Apps, Settings.

Floating window

In the menu item picture-in-Picture, you can immediately see which installed apps are compatible with the new function. Including, of course, a lot of Google applications (YouTube, Maps, Duo, and Chrome, among others), but also, for example, WhatsApp, Netflix, and the popular media player VLC. You can use the PiP function here if desired, by application on or off.

In an app, like Maps or YouTube, from the normal view to a PiP window to switch, you now only on the (round) home button of your smartphone to print. The application then changes into a small window that, as it were, above the Android-interface “floats”. You can the window free to move, and meanwhile, plenty of other things to do. A text preparation while you still view continues to hold on your navigation instructions, for example, or check your email during a less exciting time in your favorite Netflix series.

To the Picture-in-Picture view to terminate enough to the window to the bottom of the screen to swipe. Or you can click on the small square in the PiP screen to view the app again in full screen.

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