Germany compensates to 25,000 Algerian Jews

abe1a9dfbe1295cff7f175300fb942c0 - Germany compensates to 25,000 Algerian Jews

TEL AVIV – Germany will for the first time a large group of Holocaust survivors from Algeria to compensate. It is estimated to be 25,000 Algerian Jews, most of whom live in France. Approximately 3900 of the victims living in Israel. The Algerian Jews would be a one-off payment of 2556 euros.

That is the result of negotiations of the so-called Claims Conference with the German government. The conference, which was founded in 1951, is the umbrella organization of Jewish organisations, that campaigns for reparations for the survivors of the Holocaust or their heirs.

Compensate jews who, between July 1940 and november 1942 in Algeria and lived according to the declaration of members under the nazi persecution. “This is a long-awaited recognition for a large group of jews in Algeria, who suffered under anti-Jewish measures of the nazi-allies such as the Vichy-regime”, said Greg Schneider, vice president of the Claims Conference.

This group had among other things to contend with restrictions in the field of education, politics, life and work. They were deprived of French citizenship and “isolated because they were Jews.”

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