German police are looking for ’witches’

a36780262d49623a48df658a1fabf86b - German police are looking for ’witches’

EPPINGEN – After an incident on a carnavalsparade in the German Eppingen to Heilbronn where a seriously injured fell, the police are looking for two people who were dressed as witches. The police suspect them of abuse and negligence in the offer of help.

For fun had friends, an eighteen-year-old friend, so to speak, the witches are delivered, said a politiewoordvoerder in Heilbronn. One of the witches grabbed the young woman, lifted her up and held her over a cauldron full with boiling water. A witch opened the boiler. Then came the legs of the woman up to her knees in the steaming water.

The witches would have her after the accident with severe burns have left behind. The young woman to a specialist clinic, where they probably one to two weeks should remain, said the spokesman.

The cauldron stood above a fire on a wagon by several people was pulled. They just continued after the incident occurred without casualty to worry about.

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