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For eight weeks we meet with entrepreneurs from all branches of the business world. They all have a common goal: an investment for their product or service. In a short pitch of three minutes they have to our five topinvesteerders convince and that are not the least.

The lions are five of the most popular, enterprising and successful businessmen that Belgium is rich. Over the next eight weeks, they will be the dreams of entrepreneurs crack or. From zero they built all their own fortune. Work Hard and make the right decisions where they now stand: at the top of the business world.

Conny vandendriessche is the co-founder of Accent Jobs and CEO of Stella P. With a quarter of a century of experience in selection and recruitment in eight countries through the House of HR is Conny is the international Human Resources-queen: “I want to do something with impact. I have that still. Every day 35,000 people to work, makes me every day happy.”

Bart Verhaeghe is a successful entrepreneur with 2 voorliefdes. As a real estate expert, he is the inspirer and founder of Uplace but also the proud owner of Club Brugge :“Entrepreneurship is addictive. I would me no life can imagine without take. I can recommend it to everyone.”

Founder and CEO of retail chain ZEB, Luc Van Mol, with more than 60 stores, the expert in sales. Take was this stubborn manager has always been in the blood: “Let you to be surrounded by people who just about know better than yourself. If you have that, you have a good chance of success.”

Jürgen Ingels brought with Clear2Pay clarity in the complex world of money transactions. In addition, he assists as a cofounder of B-Hive, all the technology companies that is something for the financial world can mean :“There is nothing as great as an idea, can realize and see that it is also effective in the market.”

And finally, Bart Deconinck, co-founder of Zedra . The man with tons of experience in founding, building and managing financial funds and that the whole world:“to Delegate is to check. You are a conductor. You hit the size.”

Our lions have the credibiliteit, the contacts, the commitment and, of course, the money to invest in new or existing companies. But our entrepreneurs are the necessary assets in house in order to convince them?

Tom and Dennis (Again) bite the spits. From their profession as turnleraar, they made a few years ago, the Deto-Turnpantoffel to replace the typical classic turnsloefjes. In Belgium, running their business at full speed, but now they want to also break through on the international market. And there they have to pay for. A lot of money. 400,000 euros to be exact.

Gert and Jan (Mechelen) are a prototype of their – for young or future parents – revolutionary invention of Rock My Baby imagine. They are looking for € 35,000 in exchange for 33 percent of the shares.

Natalie (Antwerp) gave up her job as achitecte and was plenty for entrepreneurship. She thinks her product is a hole in the growing market of the food industry have found, but it is her business also enter for our lions?

And then there’s Mark (Mechelen), which the horecabusiness thoroughly by the each other wants to shake things up with his self-designed and well-thought-out app.

Lions ‘ den, from Tuesday 6 February at 21u35 on FOUR.

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