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F1 replaces grid girls by ‘grid kids’

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The FIA has today confirmed that the grid girls in Formula 1, to be replaced by ‘grid kids’.

The Formula 1 goes under the other football followed, where boys and girls before the start of the competition to the hand of a football player take the field on may run. This so-called ‘grid kids’ replace the women and girls that are traditionally for years with a sign in hand for the F1 cars in place names.

The past week, there was lots of criticism of the decision to the so-called ‘grid girls’ to abolish in the Formula 1. There were mixed reactions in both the F1 insiders as well as fans. In addition, there was also fierce criticism of the grid girls themselves, who felt that their job was taken away.

There will, however, not be brought back to the decision and ‘grid kids’ will from the coming season, the starting grid heading. According to the FIA, this must be the sport “more interesting for the younger audience”.

Where possible, the grid kids ‘ during the supportraces such as the Formula 2 and GP3 take a seat on the grid. They will, the jobs of the grid girls.

“This will be an incredible moment for these kids,” says Sean Bratches, the commercial director of Formula 1. “Imagine you as a boy or girl in addition to your hero may be, that you have to prepare for the race and that at the highest level of motorsport. It will be an incredible experience for them and their family.”

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