Exploding coconut leaves crematorium scare

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BOLTON – The English Bolton pulls the bell over objects that are left in coffins. Grieving people are urged to this not more to do. So an exploding coconut in a chest there recently to ensure that the staff of a crematorium, quite startled during a cremation.

Donna Ball, a chief of common services in Bolton, said that there is sometimes “a massive explosion can take place”. Items that are often left in coffins are mobile phones, remote controls of televisions, electronic cigarettes and bottles of alcohol.

’Phones really a problem’

The municipality wants this now prevent said Ball against the BBC. “We ask people whether they want to consider the things that are left in coffins. Especially mobile phones are really a problem for us.”

Although the undertakers usually manage to stuff burning out of the box, sometimes still be wrong. “Sometimes you can slide objects into the pockets of the people.”

Axis of the pets in the coffin

According to Louise Walch-Grognet, funeral director in Bolton, she gets a lot of requests from people to things with their deceased loved ones to leave behind. “So they have asked whether they are love letters, cigarettes and ashes of deceased pets behind could leave.”

Louise is also the family of a motorcyclist remember who wanted their loved one in his leather outfit could be cremated. “It speaks for itself that we couldn’t do this.”

Extra underwear

In addition, there was also that time that she was asked whether there is extra underwear in the chest could be placed in the deceased person.

According to Walch-Grognet, it is standard policy after a funeral to check out or not to sneak something in the crate is left behind.

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