Erdogan will visit pope

ce28f94667e62eb273ea2cd4916aafcb - Erdogan will visit pope

VATICAN city – The Turkish president Erdogan takes Monday a visit to pope Francis. The Turkish leader stepped on a deserted St. peter’s square from a car. Surrounding streets were for safety reasons, closed.

Erdogan said shortly before his departure from Turkey, it is necessary to discuss with the religious potentate. “We will talk about Palestine, Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq, fighting terrorism, vluchtelingenkwesties and humanitarian assistance”, the president said, according to state news agency Anadolu.

The visit of Erdogan is expected to be accompanied with demonstrations in Rome. The protesters want to under more about their feelings clear about the human rights situation in Turkey. The authorities in the Italian capital put about 3500 men, in order to ensure the safety.

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