English-Turkish conflict will not stop talking

109dc54d50a9d82f4959fdc9bcd16526 - English-Turkish conflict will not stop talking

The netherlands withdraw its ambassador in Turkey officially back. The government is doing this because of talks with Ankara over the conflict between the two countries, no solution have been completed. That the ministry of Foreign Affairs announced Monday.

The relationships were last year, soured in the run-up to the referendum on an extension of the power of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The netherlands prohibited when a number of meetings at which Turkish government officials would come and talk. According to the Dutch buitenlandministerie there is almost a year later, ” still no visibility on the normalization of the bilateral relations’.

The decision to take the ambassador to withdraw is partly symbolic. The Dutch ambassador Kees van rij had been since last year march no access to Turkey, because the Netherlands refused to apologise for the banning of the meetings.

“The recent talks offered a chance for Turkey and the Netherlands to again draw closer to one another, but we are not agreed on the manner in which standardization should take place’, says minister Halbe Zijlstra of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs to let you know that as long as the Netherlands ambassador in Turkey, The Hague is also no new Turkish ambassador in the Netherlands will allow. “This message is to the Turkish time in The Hague transferred. This is also a break in the talks with Turkey”, says the ministry.

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