’DWHN-time with a cigarette came spontaneously’

be3938357f1f79cca0a7f5d94d336028 - ’DWHN-time with a cigarette came spontaneously’

AVROTROS was aware of the fact that it is in principle not allowed for guests in tv programs, to smoke. But the interlude with Theo Hiddema and the cigarette in This was the news “came very spontaneously” during the recording of the broadcast and “was so funny” that is decided to the clip in the broadcast.

Reports that a spokeswoman for the broadcaster on Monday in response to the message of NVWA. The food and warenwaakhond doing research into the smoking Hiddema in the transmission of This was the news Sunday night. “We accept smoking is not good and would certainly not encourage”, the zegsvrouw. “But the unexpected, fun situation fitted to the program. Therefore, we have decided the time anyway in the program to keep.”

It was the last show of the current season. The program moved this year back from the commercial broadcaster to AVROTROS. The teamcaptains were this season Jan Jaap van der Wal and Peter Pannekoek. The presenter Harm Edens, who since 1996 holds.

The broadcast of last Sunday and watched more than a million people. Previously, the VPRO fined for a broadcast of Summer in which Hans Teeuwen was smoking.

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