Drunk Kevin Hart stopped by security guards

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Kevin Hart has Sunday night after the Super Bowl tried on the stage, where the Philadelphia Eagles for their victory to be celebrated.

The comedian was by security guards stopped. Kevin was born and raised in Philadelphia and was very happy with the victory of the Eagles, the first of the club ever. When he didn’t work with the players celebrating on the stage, decided the Jumanji star his opinion in a television broadcast of footballbond NFL. There he declared early on that he was drunk and maybe a bit too early to celebrate was beaten.

Although the victory of his team is not as large as the 83-6 that Kevin had predicted, was the final score of 41-33 enough for the trophy. “I’m in the seventh heaven,” he declared in the interview.

The comedian is not the only famous supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles. Will Smith is also a big fan. He is, as he is the openingstune of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all sang, born and raised in West Philadelphia. Eagles fan Bradley Cooper was Sunday present at the Super Bowl, and Sylvester Stallone, in Philadelphia, immortalized with a Rocky statue, encouraged the team this season via social media.

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