Downed pilot ’blew himself up’

f37759cca579f9655829987b917510a1 - Downed pilot ’blew himself up’

MOSCOW – The Russian pilot who is shot down in Syria, blew himself then aware with a grenade. That enables the Russian ministry of Defence, which according to news agency TASS announced that the gen after his landing, was surrounded by rebels.

The pilot used last weekend forced his ejection. He had reported that his jet over Idlib was hit by a rocket. The man would then have landed at a village that is in the hands of insurgents.

“He fought until the last moments of his life with a handgun against the terrorists”, quoted TASS from a statement from the ministry. “The pilot blew himself up with a grenade when he was was touched, and the terrorists he was surrounded.”

Two sources from the camp of the insurgents said earlier, compared to Reuters news agency that the wounded pilot was captured. A third source said last weekend that the man was killed.

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