Criticism on transported Pink to Super Bowl

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Pink was Sunday after her performance of the American national anthem at the Super Bowl the necessary criticism, because they are just for the appearance of her gum uitspuugde to the field. According to the musician is the story different, however.

The singer got this weekend, the flu, and it was long unclear whether they could occur during the final of the American footballseizoen. During a pre-Super Bowl show on Friday, she had still heard the burden of her illness. She mentioned it was still a nightmare that flu is soot in the food threatened to throw. “Now is my chance finally come, and I have two small children in my mouth to cough and their snot on my cheek issue. You come up with this! I’m so close to one of my big dreams, and it threatens to be a nightmare.”

Her performance Sunday was very smooth. There was some criticism on what the 38-year-old singer did just before them The Star-Spangled Banner played, have brought: Pink had a quick look on her chewing gum and took that for the cameras out of her mouth and threw it on the ground. On Twitter puts Pink after her performance out that they are not chewing gum munching the field down, but with a keelpastille in her mouth.

’Great honour’

They used Twitter also to the fans to thank, who, with her meeleefden when she became ill just before the important gig. “All of your prayers, beterschapswensen and candles have me through it helped. Thanks for all the love and support, we love you”, she wrote with a photo of herself and daughter Willow, who was at the show in Minneapolis.

The national anthem singing at the Super Bowl was a long cherished dream of the singer, as she showed on Instagram know. “I see jer already looking forward to this song to sing since 1991, when I was that my idol Whitney Houston saw to do. I can tell you, this is a great honor, one of the greatest in my life, to sing for my family, my military family, my father and brother and stepmother, and the world.”

Pink had even more to celebrate Sunday night: the team from her home city of Philadelphia went there with the victory here.

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