COC and TNN want to boycott Football Inside

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COC and TNN want to boycott Football Inside

‘Renate van der Jibe’ came Friday night ‘off the shelf’ ©Football Inside

Football Inside after the stunt that René van der Grijp Friday night uithaalde not made friends with the Transgender Network Netherlands and COC.

The organisations could not for the costume play of ‘Renate van der Jibe’ laugh and call that the sponsors of the RTL7 program “the connector, pull out’. It comes to Heineken, Gillette and Toto.


The special interest groups respond to the challenged broadcast of Football Inside of Friday 2 February. In this broadcast, the subject came about the gendertransitie of a Belgian news reporter. Bo boudewijn van Spilbeeck, which was formerly known as Boudewijn boudewijn van Spilbeeck, left early this week to know that they now have through life as a woman go wild. This led to a lot of comments.

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Voetbalanalist René van der Jibe appeared with a wig and a dress at the table during the broadcast and told his companions that they are now ‘Renate’ had to call. According to TUE, and the COC has made of the Jibe itself guilty of transphobia. Also Johan Derksen received a swipe from the pan of the group. The duo would be transgender and boudewijn Van Spilbeeck, deliberately ridiculed.


Social media is very much responded to the costume play of Of of the Jibe. A lot of people agree with the TUE and the COC and find the action of the voetbalanalist a gross provocation and a tasteless pestactie. Others found the play of ‘Renate’ just hilarious. They believe that such jokes are simply in a modern democracy.

Also footballer Memphis Depay responded to the broadcast. The ex-PSV it was in the past, at the table of the programme is often taunted because of his distinctive style. A large majority gave up on the site of the AD that it was a successful joke and not discriminatory provocation.

The voetbalpraatprogramma did on Saturday itself even further by a picture, tweeting in which the alleged life story of Renate van der Jibe as autobiography was announced.


The organizations describe the response of Derksen and Van der Jibe as ‘sad’: “Someone struggling life-long with her identity, has the courage to get there audience to arrive and the only thing the lords of VI can come up with is to, as someone to ridicule. Apparently they are with their ideas about transgenderpersonen and gays deep in the last century linger”.

“Now is the question of sponsors Heineken, Gillette and Toto and to RTL or she really is still longer want to associate with makers that their ratings are trying to boost with trans – and homophobia. What concerns us is the cord.” Presidents Fire Berghouwer and Tanja Ineke invite the companies to come with them of dialogue about the subject.

It is not the first time that the Football Inside is under fire. At the end of last year also called Sylvana Simons for a boycott of the program. This as a result of statements Of of the Jibe and Derksen were doing about the #metoo-discussion and Jelle Brandt Corstius.

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