Berlin Wall now as long break that he was

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BERLIN – Today, Monday 5 February 2018, the Berlin wall just as long to break that wall there was: 10.316 days. That historical factoid for the Berliner Zeitung in response to the front page to fully populate with ’Mauer’. ’10.316 days in one city’, the headline in the newspaper.

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Built in 1961 and torn down again in 1989 divided the Wall in the German city in two for 10.316 days: 28 years, two months and 26 days. In an online special release the Berliner Zeitung many Berliners speak about the impact of the ’Wende’ in their life.

The Wall was in 1961 put an end to the depopulation of the GDR. Many East Berliners sought their salvation in the West. In the night of 9 to 10 november 1989 fell the Berlin Wall, the stone-symbol of the Cold War between the communist East and the free West. During vluchtacties was certainly 138 people dead.

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