Beautiful month for SIX

e7c4d0b76de07b9bf7d4e30fbf85df66 - Beautiful month for SIX

SIX has a beautiful January they had just endured behind the back. That allows the sender to know. With an average all day share of 2.7% on VVA 18-54 does the transmitter again above expectations. Also knew the little brother of FOUR and FIVE to grow strongly in prime: SIX did it in the time slot 17h-24h never better than last month. This is thanks to the topseries on Thursday: the new season of The Blacklist gets on average 6.4% share of the market and 82.801 viewers. Also the science fiction series on Sunday, and the crime-marathon on Saturday to score strong. Furthermore, it was January a successful filmmaand with beautiful figures for o.a. the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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