Avian influenza in swans of the British queen

de9d029c8c896298d8828dab03bf8e07 - Avian influenza in swans of the British queen

WINDSOR – Seven mute swans belonging to queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom may have died due to the avian influenza virus. According to The Sun died, the swans on the H5N6 variant, which is very contagious, but harmless to humans. The swans were part of a group in Windsor, where one of the official residences of the British royal family is located.

The British authorities are investigating the outbreak in Windsor, and we expect early next week the results. It is feared that the virus spreads. This year, in Great Britain 75 cases of bird flu discovered.

All mute swans in public waters in the United Kingdom since the 12th century, the possession of the reigning monarch, who is the owner of more animals. According to tradition, all whales, porpoises and sturgeons within five miles of the British coast is the property of the queen.

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