Abdeslam relies on right to remain silent

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BRUSSELS – The Belgian lawsuit against terreurverdachte Salah Abdeslam is in Brussels with great interest started. The 28-year-old Frenchman, immediately made it clear no questions to want to answer.

Correspondent Eveline Bijlsma in the lawsuit are present and twitters about it. Her tweets, you can also at the bottom of this article.

,,I do not want to answer questions,” said Abdeslam against the rechtbankvoorzitter. He also refused to stand up. Co-suspect Sofien Ayari gave according to Belgian media to answer questions. VTM reported that the duo’s allegations rather unmoved was listening to.

Abdeslam is regarded as the only surviving terrorist from the attacks in Paris, france, on november 13, 2015 130 deaths. He already has over 2.5 years in a jail in Paris, but now in Belgium to answer for a shooting in the Brussels municipality of Vorst.

Monitored as ford

The Palace of Justice in Brussels in the coming week guarded as a fort. There are concrete blocks placed to prevent cars in the vicinity of the property. Above the building, flying helicopters, patrolled by dozens of officers and everyone has to go through a metal detector. The fear is big that Salah Abdeslam is freed by brethren, or that he himself is hurting.

In France, the 28-year-old terrorist the best guarded prisoner in the country. He sits in the cell in the Paris suburb of Fleury-Mérogis, where he was 24 hours a day, monitored with cameras. During the process, which this week takes place, he stays in the prison in the North of france Vendin-le-Vieil. Monday is the substance of the case treated, Tuesday follows the strafeis and Thursday, the lawyers on the word. The indictment against the jihadist, who terechtstaat with an accomplice, is ” attempted murder in terreurverband.’ The duo hangs 40 years cell over-head, the judges do look about a month ruling.


Salah Abdeslam put on 13 november 2015, three terrorists at the Stade de France, where she herself opbliezen. It is one in a series of attacks during the horrornacht in the French capital, where a total of 130 people dead. Thereof there were 89 in the concert hall Bataclan.

In place of himself to blow up in Paris showed Abdeslam his car in the city behind, and he allowed himself to be picked up by friends from Belgium. It has long been believed that he was the legs because he is not a martyr wanted to die, but recent research has shown that are bomgordel not worked. In a testament, he declared that he is ” the job had want to finish’. Just as remarkable as the course of this evening is the fact that he is four months out of the hands of the police knew.

On march 15, 2016 fall seven police officers an apartment in the Brussels suburb of Vorst within, thinking that the building stands empty. As soon as the front door will fail, they are shot at with a kalashnikov. Even after the help of special teams is invoked, walk sieges on massive shootings. Only as a sniper one of the archers off, the police raided the apartment in. The body of Mohamed Aziz Belkaïd lies lifeless on the ground, but Abdeslam and Soufiane Ayari managed to escape.


Nevertheless, it means the invasion to the beginning of the end for the then most wanted terrorist of Europe. He calls desperately to his cousin Abid Aberkane in the municipality of Jette, which is also known as extremist, and day and night will be watching. The call of the jihadist (“Hey, you fat, where are you?”) is also tapped. Aberkane brings Abdeslam and Ayari to his mother in Molenbeek. Among other things, a large pizzabestelling point the police to their hiding place.

Until now was silent Abdeslam mainly. It drove his lawyers to despair, she stepped on. The Belgian strafpleiter Sven Mary is the terrorist now. But not only justice hopes that the jihadist speaks, victims and survivors of the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels to follow the case closely.

More victims Monday. “This is a very important process for them,” says councillor Samia Maktouf, who has the interest of several French people responsible. “It is an intense time for them, because in France, it is now also Jawad Bendaoud rightly, that the mastermind behind the attacks a refuge it offered. They want to know more about the attacks, even if each snippet of information them the pain anew. Yet that is nothing compared to what happened. The survivors hope that Abdeslam speak, but even without his cooperation, there is already much evidence in the final terreurzaak.”

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