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A voetfetisjist falls from its pedestal

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When Uma Thurman last weekend of an interview he gave to The New York Times, was that in the first place to testify to Harvey Weinstein. But especially her story about Quentin Tarantino remains reverberating. No story of sexual abuse, but of sadism bordering practices on the set. Also, that kind of behavior has a rich tradition in Hollywood.

It is an iconic scene from Kill Bill 2: a light blue Volkswagen Karmann Ghia cabrio tear on a winding gravel road through fields and forests. In the background we hear a rousing flamenco music …

It is an iconic scene from Kill Bill 2: a light blue Volkswagen Karmann Ghia cabrio tear on a winding gravel road through fields and forests. In the background we hear a rousing flamenco music. Behind the wheel sits The Bride (also known as Beatrix Kiddo called, code name Black Mamba), with stiff facial expression, hair blowing in the wind. She is on the road to finally do what the title already made two films together, three hours long announces: Bill kill.

Almost had Uma Thurman, The Bride plays, the scene itself did not survive. The Karmann was actually a wreck, she says in The New York Times. The chairs were loose, the automatic transmission (a rebuild) barely worked. She was terrified of the car, and therefore asked that a stuntvrouw the scene would do. Quentin Tarantino, director of Kill Bill, talked so long on her that they did. He screamed at her, cried she to him hours of time and tons of money it cost, and got her so far that she is the crazy ride with the car made. He exhorted her to be fast enough to drive at least 60 km per hour, so that her hair would raised in the wind. ‘Otherwise it must be still a time, until the good is, ” he said.

Years of arguing

The inevitable happened: in a bend, went to the car to the swing, ran off the road and bounce back against a tree. Thurman collided with the head against the frame of the windshield, with her stomach on the steering wheel, with the knees against the sheet metal under the boordplank. She was almost unconscious, had taken from the backseat and was taken to the hospital. She claims that she is now, 15 years later, still suffering from her knees and neck.

Thurman has fifteen years to debeelden of the crash made with a camera that is behind her on the car is confirmed, to get. They are terrifying. Tarantino and Miramax (the production company of Harvey Weinstein) refused all the time the tape to hand, for fear of a claim. They held a long argument with Tarantino. They have since then not worked, then Tarantino occasionally noted that he had polled for Kill Bill 3. That film never materialized.

Chain around the neck

Such an accident, you can still have an accident consider. But Thurman turns up even more ‘anecdotes’ on, to the incredible borders. In some of the scenery in the particularly violent Kill Bill is Thurman, first in the face spitting by Budd (role of Michael Madsen) and later with a chain almost strangled by a Japanese teenager named Gogo. Up there, if that’s the scenario. In the first scene you see Madsen spit, but in the counter shot which you Thurman face looks, it is Tarantino’s saliva in her face ends up. And he is in the other scene the chain around her neck tightens. Tarantino was there, according to Thurman time out to chores themselves to get it done.

It was not the only time Tarantino visible pleasure in scooped his actors to torment. So, there is the equally iconic scene from Inglorious Basterds, in which a bioscoopzaaltje full of nazis, including Hitler, in fire is inserted. Two American soldiers take the certain for the uncertain, and dusting the balcony where Hitler is, to shoot him. The (real) fire in the backdrop was not at that time more under control, and threatened the actors to roast. Tarantino forcing them to the scene continue to play, one of the actors fell and then in a dead faint from the heat.

Dispense for an Oscar

Directors who are their actors in sadistic way, friends, it is not new in Hollywood. For some directors, even the excuse that they do it to the best of their interpretation. Darren Aronofsky, for example, forced Natalie Portman to the extreme for her role as a ballerina in Black Swan. The poor child was sitting on the end of the images, under the bruises and scrapes, but she got an Oscar for her performance. Lars Von Trier is notorious for his tyrannical behavior on the set and for the manner of his actresses the blood under the nails. Charlotte Gainsbourg was better than Björk, who after Dancer in the dark swore never to will to act. You know the story of Alfred Hitchcock, Tippi Hedren terrorized on the set of The Birds, and at a certain moment, birds began to use it in place of the namaakbeesten that previously worked. Hedren kept scratches in the face, and a terror in the eyes that, admittedly, the film benefited. Stanley Kubrick did something similar with Shelley Duvall in The Shining: behind the scenes, he made her life so bitter that they have appropriate hysterical rendition posted. Everything for the art. That should also Francis Ford Coppola have thought, when an exhausted Martin Sheen a heart attack was during the filming of Apocalypse now: just after a month of the jungle and acting on life and death. It has not a bad film delivered.

The character Polanski

In the case of Tarantino, the question arises whether the man has a higher purpose when he Thurmann almost to death and drove. The scene in the Karmann, for example, hardly any acting is needed. And that indentation for the spit – and wurgscènes… Yeah. It is not the first time that Tarantino any bizarre behavior is attributed. Actress Rose McGowan has it in her book Brave about him: ‘for Years he was in every meeting about my film Jawbreaker. “You have no idea how often I that scene have already used which you you toenails lacquer”, he said.’

Used? MacGowan leaves little doubt about what that term means. “It is a public secret that Tarantino has a foot fetish. He looked at that scene in order to masturbate, and he told me that for years, often while everyone could hear it.’

Since the interview with Thurman in The New York Times gets Tarantino the wind from the front in Hollywood. More actress Jessica Chastain and director Judd Apatow take him on the bead. Not only about the things that Thurman him aanwrijft, but also about his next film project, about the Manson murders. It is the character of Roman Polanski-an important role – Tarantino would still be looking for a Polish actor for him to play. ‘Why is funding someone that ill-fated idea?’, asks Apatow himself on Twitter.

Is Tarantino the next pariah among the Hollywoodregisseurs? Maybe he can what seek the advice of an expert, Polanski himself. And with Woody Allen.

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