Treincrash USA: killing and certainly seventy wounded

5124077b1e44fb0880763ba02d6dba8f - Treincrash USA: killing and certainly seventy wounded

LEXINGTON – In a treincrash in the U.s. state South Carolina are definitely two dead and seventy wounded cases, reports NBC News. A passenger train with eight crew members and certainly 139 people came in collision with a freight train.

The accident happened around half past 3 in the night. Amtrak Train 91 was on its way from New York to Miami when the south of the city of Columbia went wrong. The locomotive of the train is derailed, as well as some wagons. It is still unclear what the cargo is the freight train.

It was the second treinongeval with an Amtrak train within a week. Wednesday came a train of Amtrak with dozens of Republican parliamentarians on board in the near Crozet, Virginia in a crash with a garbage truck. One of the occupants of the truck came to life.

In december died three people in the state of Washington, when an Amtrak train derailed and a viaduct on a road fell.

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