Sitting president wins the elections in Cyprus

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NICOSIA – Sitting president Nicos Anastasiades (71), the Greek-Cypriot presidential elections won. That turned out to be Sunday night after all the votes were counted. His opponent, the left-wing candidate Stavros Malas, recognized his defeat and congratulated Anastasiades.

Anastasiades got 56 percent of the vote, to his opponent’s 44. Previously being the exitpolls immediately after the closing of polling stations all on a coming victory for Anastasiades, who is now five years can continue to reign.

The Greek-Cypriots could Sunday voting in the second and decisive round of the presidential election. In the first election on the 28th of January got Anastasiades 35,51 percent of the votes and Malas 30,24 percent.

Cyprus was split by a Turkish invasion in 1974 after a brief Greece-inspired coup. The EU member state, has one of the world’s longest existing forces with Greek Cypriots in the south, and Turkish Cypriots in the north. Peace talks were last year’s piece on the role that Turkey might play in a reunited Cyprus.

Observers say that Anastasiades was mainly rewarded for the way in which the country had to recover from the economic crisis in 2013, shortly after he was first elected.

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