Secure-actor Ole Thestrup (69) died

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The Danish actor Ole Thestrup is at the age of 69 died, report Danish media. Thestrup in the Netherlands was mainly known thanks to his role as the populist right-wing politician Svend Åge Saltum in hbo’s hit series Borgen.

Borgen tells about the rise of the idealistic left-wing politician Birgitte Nyborg in the Danish political. Saltum, the leader of the Vrijheidspartij that warns against immigrants and muslims. Borgen ran for three seasons and is considered one of the most successful Danish series in the history.

Thestrup had a long record of service in the Danish theatre world and played regularly at The Royal Danish Theatre. He was known for his versatility and for the fact that he often managed to fall in the supporting roles. In addition, it was the actor seen in dozens of movies and television shows.

Drinking problem

The actor had in the eighties a large drinking problem. In 1988 caused he is on board of an aircraft of British Airways, so many problems that the pilot is forced to make an emergency landing. He was in Canada sentenced to three months in prison.

After this incident Thestrup never drunk. The actor was suffering for a year from lung cancer. “I can see it arrive by 25 years of three packs a day to smoke”, he asked when the news became known.

The illness forced him mid-2017 to stop acting. He was last year honored with the Lauritzen prize, one of the most important cultuuronderscheidingen in Denmark.

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