Sandra’s daughter, Anna, is a sous-chef in Open Kitchen

7ab5216e784607d1aa7f5606ebf9982e - Sandra's daughter, Anna, is a sous-chef in Open Kitchen

Feta, mozzarella,… it is by now no secret that Sandra is mad about cheese. On Monday, February 5, introduces halloumi, a less well-known Cypriot cheese. Along with pumpkin, beetroot and parsnip is the halloumi cheese in a casserole. Tournée Minérale is started, and so Sandra is also the inspiration for a non-alcoholic drink: a refreshing smootie on the basis of pineapple, apple and spinach.

For those who snack in the afternoon want to be replaced by a hot lunch, Sandra on Tuesday, February 6, a “gezondheidsbommeke” in store: a warm winter salad with goat’s cheese, winterpostelein and shiitakes. In 1,2,3 ready! Afterwards retrieves Sandra, the Oriental kitchen top with a poached fish in coconut milk with bok choy and boekweitnoedels.

Like mother, like daughter. Sandra has the kookmicrobe clearly passed on to her daughter Anna, who, on Wednesday, February 7, join the hands out of the sleeves is stuck in the Open Kitchen. Maybe because they heard what’s on the menu: a healthy rice pudding with pineapple. Further, they are also making roasted potato’s, carrots and zucchini… and that comes with a serving of homemade ketchup.

“Any chance to get extra veggies into my weekly menu to stop, I grab on.” Thursday, February 8, runs Sandra, carrots and cheese in her savoury muffins. Nothing so good on a cold day as a bowl of soup. In addition to muffins, Sandra is also a rich soup, tsjokvol vegetables.

Spicy popcorn marks the end of the week. On Friday 9 February, Sandra the ultimate snack for a healthy film night. In addition, Sandra mash without the potatoes and a piece of grilled veal with roasted cherry tomatoes and tuinkerssalade.

Monday 05/02: Casserole with butternut, beetroot and grilled halloumi cheese & smoothie
Tuesday 06/02: Poached fish with bok choy and boekweitnoedels & quinoasalade
Wednesday 07/02: Noodles from zucchini and sweet potato & rice pudding
Thursday 08/02: Soup with turkey & savoury muffins
Friday 09/02: Grilled veal with white bonenpuree & healthy popcorn

Open Kitchen, every weekday at 18: 00 on VTM

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